The Expiring Soul of the Republican Party

A passionate plea for compassion in desperate times. These are desperate times.  In my 65 years on this mortal coil I cannot recall a more serious threat to the survival of our American Democracy as so carefully crafted by our sage Founding Fathers.  We are on the fast track to officially becoming the Divided States of America.  We are embroiled in a war of class — those who have (though apparently never enough) and those who don’t (and apparently deserve to be persistently stomped into Continue reading →

How to Use the iMovie App for iPad

I am excited to be involved in Globe Education Network's new Education User Experience (edUX), an innovative and technologically focused, adaptive learning model, which will transform the way students learn. Part of this transformation includes connecting students with the latest technology to make the classroom experience more interactive and engaging. By fall quarter 2013, all Globe University, Minnesota School of Business and Broadview University students will be learning with their very own Apple iPad® and instructors will integrate the technology in the curriculum and in the classroom. One iPad App that has amazing potential and appeal in this adaptive learning model is Apple's iMovie for iPad. I am a longtime user and fan of iMovie for OSX, so it was a natural progression for me to include the iOS version in my arsenal as I ride the mobile productivity wave.

An Education Revolution: The Tyranny of Common Sense

Across the globe today, nearly every educational system is being re-evaluated. Attempts to implement reform within these existing models are likely headed for failure. In a recent TED video talk, Sir Kenneth Robinson explains why reform alone is not enough, stating that it is simply an attempt to improve a broken model. Robinson firmly believes that a revolution — not an evolution — is needed in education.

What Would Gene Roddenberry Do: A 20/20 Vision of Knowledge Acquisition

Imagine we are living in the year 2020 — just 8 short years from the present. The human race is officially inter-connected via ubiquitous Web 5.0 technologies on a global basis with no above ground dead spots. These technologies exist as virtual extensions of our minds and bodies in the form of miniaturized, handheld and wrist-mounted devices (remember the old wristwatches?) that are always on and fully functional at a 99 percent reliability rate.