Conquering My Fear of the Blogosphere: The Confessions of a Baby Boomer Blogger | richard s. grossman

Okay, I admit it. I’m a baby boomer and this is my virgin blog posting. Why, you may ask, has it taken this long for me to get onboard the Good Ship Blogoshpere? The answer is simple, really: I’m scared to death that no one aside from my closest friends and family members will bother to read this (I’m not all that confident even they will).

Until now, there has been a host of other reasons why I would have preferred to set my hair (what’s left of it, anyway) on fire rather than dare to share all this data that’s been accumulating in my brain for more than 50 years. I’ve been holding on to this notion that blogging is the ultimate act of narcissism (Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame on steroids). That may indeed be the case, but it’s no longer sufficient reason to stand in the wings. At the very least, I figure I can charm and engage readers with some deftly placed self-deprecation to offset any narcissistic leanings I may exhibit.

Then of course, there’s the issue of what to blog about. The solution to that problem revealed itself to me this past February when I became a casualty of the current economic cluster f**k. It was the third layoff I’d experienced in the last six years. As fond as I am of poking my eye with a screwdriver, I made a commitment to myself (and now you are my witnesses) for it to be the last time it happens.

Now, I’ve successfully re-invented myself before, as recently as 2004, when I went back to school as a “returning adult” to complete my undergraduate degree. I was fortunate to have a spouse that set a shining example by preceding me in getting her Bachelor degree a year earlier (she subsequently earned her Masters degree, leaving her proud partner in her academic wake).

If I’m being totally honest (sometimes painful, but always liberating), I’ve made a career out of re-inventing myself. It’s one of the many perks to which we baby boomers are entitled. In the “Life is a journey, not a destination” scheme of things, having the diversity of professional experiences I’ve had has made for a rich and rewarding career. I’ve learned so much from both successes and failures. Most importantly, I’ve acquired sufficient trust in my ability to communicate via the language of words, sound and visual images and in the process, reconnected with my true passion for helping people realize their full potential through lifelong learning.

At this leg of my journey, it’s all about conquering fears and pursuing passions. I’m back in touch with my entrepreneurial roots. I’ve started a new business called REAL (Real-life Experience in Academic Learning) I’m blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting and I’m LinkedIn. My new Website is being developed as I write this posting and is slated to go live in mid-June. Feel free to invite a few hundred of your best friends and join me on any or all of these sites. I am committed to posting engaging and relevant content that consistently gets it real (hey, great name for a blog).

So listen up all you children of the boom. The time has come for us to claim our rightful place in the blogoshpere. When it comes to self-indulgence, what do we have to fear? Hasn’t it always been about us? We’re the “tuned-in” generation that brought “Power to the People”, tripped on LSD and the hems of our bell-bottoms and “made a groovy kind of love”. We gave birth to the new me generation, who in turn, gave rise to the new media revolution. We taught the world to sing in perfect harmony while tossing back an ice-cold glass of the Real Thing.

If I can do this, so can you. Keep it groovy.