It's a Great Time for a No BS Zone: Re-calibrating the Crap-o-meter | richard s. grossman

I think I may be on to something here; or maybe I’m just on something. Either way, I’m feeling inspired. In my last post, which was also my first post, I successfully conquered my fear of blogging by  following my inner Nike spirit and “just doing it”.

Now I’m on a mission; I have a purpose. I am the self-proclaimed Get it Real Guy with the dot com to prove it. I’ve decided to turn this blog into a no bulls**t zone. I know it’s only my second post, but as a child of the 60s, I ‘m entitled to do what ever I want—at least within these four virtual walls. So if I want to switch gears, I’m gonna switch ’em (see, no BS, just total honesty).

So, from here on out, this site is certified 100% bull free! is your official free-range, grass-fed, no pesticide source for real-life rantings and ravings on any and all things past, present and future. As the tag line suggests, the idea here is for me to call out people and events each week (or more frequently if I feel the urge) that cause the needle on my crap-o-meter to spike in the red. I’ll attempt to offer up a slice of real-life perspective in response. My motto is: I may not always get it right, but at least I’ll get it real. I’d really like to make this as interactive an experience as possible, which means I’m counting on you to share your comments and feedback. I’ll try to keep the Comment Police in check. I believe we are all adults here—right?

So there you have it! I hope you’ll check back frequently for the latest “real guy rant”. My next post will be about taking responsibility for our personal health. Again, your comments are welcome.