Living Life in the Present: Gaining Inspiration from the Little Things | richard s. grossman

My wife just turned 60 last week (of course she doesn’t look a day over 59). I had spent the better part of the previous month or so planning a celebratory event worthy of this milestone. She is a songwriter with an amazing body of work produced over several decades of collaboration with writing partners and visits from her muse in the wee hours.

So, inspired by the legendary Ralph Edwards (Boomers, you know who he is), armed with an arsenal of unbelievably talented friends and family, I set out to create a fitting tribute to my sweetie’s first 60 years on this mortal plane. It would be along the lines of This is Your Life meets VH1’s Behind the Music as told through a live concert event with surprise guest performances of my wife’s music, lyrics and comedy schtick, by our generous and gifted friends and family members—who just happen to be world-class musicians and actors.

Long story short, the event took place this past Sunday, August 9th. It was an unforgettable, life-changing experience for everyone involved. I’m sharing it here for all to read because it’s a perfect example of how little things inspire us in very big ways when we choose to live Life in the present moment.

While putting this whole thing together, I made a very conscious effort to be present every step of the way. Connecting to my core health, as I am learning to do via my practice of Health Realization, allowed me to experience huge amounts of cathartic emotions: joy, sorrow, surprise, gratitude and love. There was also some regret, but much more hope and optimism. I can say, it just felt so good to feel. I am rejuvenated by the whole experience. It’s like a love hangover, baby—a supernatural high!

The important takeaway here is the carryover effect. It’s sort of like living the Mastercard TV ads only better, because it’s not about material things—it’s about soul food.

And living Life in the present moment has a snowball effect. The more you do it, the more the light of inspiration shines on you. I find myself often immersed in gracefulness. Observing our 22 year old Siamese cat Mooner age with grace and dignity—living life to the fullest—one day, one moment at a time is one example.

Then there’s my 94 year old father-in-law Joe, still running his geodesic dome business with all his radical, political passion for justice and fairness, mustering just enough vitality to see him through the moment—what more does he need?

We all have these inspirational sources in our lives. They need not be celebrities. They only need our focused attention. They are our friends, family members, coworkers, pets, flowers, plants, trees, rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains and sky. They ebb and flow, rise and shine, move and groove or remain perfectly motionless so we can contemplate their beauty and pure essence.

The best news is that each of us has the capacity to experience this. It’s in our core DNA, so-to-speak. It requires a bit of personal awareness and focus on what we can do rather than focusing on our limitations. In the words of the great Kabbalist Yehuda Berg, “You can always find a reason to complain. Finding a reason to be happy is your spiritual work. Today, focus on the best part of your life. Yes, you do have plenty to worry about, I get it, however, the highest level of restriction is your mind—so focus on the good and don’t leave the lesser any room at all!”

Until next time… Get it real and Keep it real.