The Expiring Soul of the Republican Party

A passionate plea for compassion in desperate times.

The Expiring Soul of the Republican Party

These are desperate times.  In my 65 years on this mortal coil I cannot recall a more serious threat to the survival of our American Democracy as so carefully crafted by our sage Founding Fathers.  We are on the fast track to officially becoming the Divided States of America.  We are embroiled in a war of class — those who have (though apparently never enough) and those who don’t (and apparently deserve to be persistently stomped into submission).

Currently, the men and women we elected to represent us — by “us” I mean ordinary, hard-working citizens and residents of these 50 states and island territories — have deceptively lost their collective way.

There is abundant blame and lack of accountability on both sides of the political aisle, but especially so on the Republican side.  I’m referring here to something far greater than ideology. Republicans have, at least temporarily, lost their collective soul.  They have become blinded by their majority power, indenture to insatiable corporate avarice and lust, and utter disdain for those less fortunate then themselves.

Republican legislators, where is your sense of compassion?  Where is your humanity? What has happened to your soul?  Have you entered a pact with the Devil to temporarily enrich yourselves today while completely ignoring the Pied Piper of Hamelin’s invoice tomorrow?  In this case, when you are unable to pay the Piper’s bill you won’t just lose your children, you will fulfill the destiny of your present path — to permanently become an empty, soulless shell.

There is still a ray of hope, but you need to act immediately.  You have the opportunity right now, to reverse course.  The pending tax cut legislation is, by all rational analysis, a massive entitlement program for the wealthiest Americans.  It is also a clear rubber stamp of approval to Corporate America that it is officially in control of this once great democracy.

Republican legislators, this is your chance to create your ultimate legacy.  You can be remembered for generations to come as a visionary leader. You can become a pioneer of the people whose interests and well-being you swore to champion. I’m talking about the people who elected you by voting and not by donating massive amounts of cash to your campaigns in return for special favors.  You can make your children, grandchildren and, indeed, all of us so proud by simply showing a modicum of common decency, and human compassion for all Americans.

The party should NEVER take precedent over the PEOPLE!  Do you have the strength of character and moral fortitude to hold your constituents in higher esteem than you hold your billionaire donors?

Before you cast your vote on this long-reaching tax cut bill, look long and hard in the mirror.  I believe you will see a truly compassionate soul reflecting back, telling you to do the right thing.  If you fail to find your soul, then I fear we the people are most certainly left without hope.




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