How to Use the iMovie App for iPad

I am excited to be involved in Globe Education Network's new Education User Experience (edUX), an innovative and technologically focused, adaptive learning model, which will transform the way students learn. Part of this transformation includes connecting students with the latest technology to make the classroom experience more interactive and engaging. By fall quarter 2013, all Globe University, Minnesota School of Business and Broadview University students will be learning with their very own Apple iPad® and instructors will integrate the technology in the curriculum and in the classroom. One iPad App that has amazing potential and appeal in this adaptive learning model is Apple's iMovie for iPad. I am a longtime user and fan of iMovie for OSX, so it was a natural progression for me to include the iOS version in my arsenal as I ride the mobile productivity wave.

Performance Anxiety: Understanding the Root of the Problem – Part Two | richard s. grossman

In my previous post, Performance Anxiety: Understanding the Root of the Problem - Part One, I shared my perspective on the root cause of the problem and introduced the concepts of the "Voice Inside Your Head" (VIYH) as the problem and becoming the dispassionate observer or witness as the solution (read Part One to get up to speed). In Part Two, I will share some specific things you can do, techniques, if you will, to help you achieve a quiet mind and overcome performance anxiety. Here we go...